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Get the most out of our beautiful Southern California Citrus

Marmelade is the new jam!

With hurricane Irma dealing a devastating blow to Florida’s iconic orange groves, our Southern California oranges are even more precious. This is why Madame Paris Catering is so excited to optimize our local orange crop to make our marmalade and share with you all the things we can do with it!

  • Desserts à la marmelade. Use a thick layer of a sweet strawberry/marmelade preserve on your next cheesecake. Or serve a homemade jar of kumquat marmalade with fresh scones & croissants.

Canard confit à l'orange. . You can also use a young chicken instead of duck legs.

  • Fuzzy Navel or Hairy Navel coctails. Take your Screwdriver to the peachy side of life with a little peach schnapps. While the Fuzzy Navel skips the vodka, the Hairy Navel does not. And if you want the best orange juice cocktails possible, squeeze the juice yourself.

We came across some of the sweetest and gorgeous oranges from a local farmer Shaun Rosendahl from Sunny Cal Farms. It is worth meeting him at the next Huntington Beach Farmers Market on Tuesday nights!

Madame Paris Catering is always looking for the freshest fruits & berries for all of our deserts and platters. You and your guests will notice the difference.

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