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Hidden Treasure For Foodies in Huntington Beach!

Hubby and I were strolling through Pacific City downtown Huntington Beach yesterday and stumbled upon an absolute gem: Vom Fass.

Von Fass (a German term for the balsam process) has an amazing collection of fine vinegars, gourmet balsams and liqueurs; each product carefully selected for its craftsmanship and quality.

They offer free tastings for all oils & balsamic so you can select & pair your favorites.

This will be a beautiful addition to our vinaigrettes collection and will be reflected in our upcoming summer catering menus.

We brought home a tasting kit and I made a Tarte Au Fromage & Tomate (French crust with Brie & tomatoes) and sprinkled it with a pairing of the Pistachio Oil and the Date Balsamic Vinegar. It was heavenly! And worth the cost...

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