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Sizzling Summer Deals in Huntington Beach

It's no secret we just love our Local Farms and we always aim to help our clients to experience not just a "Farm to Table" approach; but to also encourage all these gorgeous farms in our area to continue coming downtown once a week to provide (us town folks) with healthy, organic & ultimately the freshest bounty you can find! So I will, once again, sing the praises of our Farmers Market on Main Street every Tuesday, all year round. And for a caterer in Huntington Beach, this is a treasure island!

Here are a few finds we made this week while enjoying the HB crowd, the sunshine, live music, sea breeze...and, of course, wonderful street food!

Frogs Baker:

Wonderful almond croissant and all pastries are made with organic ingredients.

Tamal Farms

Great produce! Sweetest corn you will ever eat...

Gayland Farms

Heirloom carrots, sweet beets and all kind of healthy greens...

Maria's Flowers

Fresh & affordable flowers every Tuesday!

Tropical Islands

Last but not least...don't forget to stop and get a famous dog from Tropical Island booth.

Hope we gave you a taste of one of the largest and most diversified Farmers Market in O.C....downtown Huntington Beach every Tuesday afternoon. See you there soon!

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