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For a young French Canadian, who grew up between Quebec, Montreal and Cotes d'Azur, falling in love with a southern Californian surfer was easy. When the man asks her hand in marriage, she said yes and they started a family in Huntington Beach, changing her life forever.  Two beautiful grown children later and 12 years managing a major events company in Costa Mesa, Veronique Paris felt the needs to share her cooking talents. Her style is straightforward and assertive but Veronique also loves subtle touches of fresh herbs (often from her own garden) and spices which she uses artfully.

As an entrepreneur and inspired chef, she has built a strong reputation in catering in Huntington Beach first and then all over Orange County. As a family oriented business, she found support and help from her loved ones.


To help keep up with her French trends in cuisine and build an even stronger brand and reputation here in Orange County, she asked the help of her brother, Vincent Paris. Already in the food industry as a "Maître Confiturier" (Jam's Chef or Jamtender as he pleases to present himself), Vincent is co-owner of a splendid and already "must see" jam factory on there born island of Orléans (Île d'Orléans) facing Quebec City.  The Tigidou Jam Factory. This special farm region his well know in all Quebec Region for the fertile land and the best strawberries in the world, a close second after California.  

Always chasing new flavors and trends in the south in the winter time, Vincent brings new ideas and recipes from French and British islands in Caribbeans.  The spicy, fresh citrus, fruity and smokey flavors find in those islands cuisine bring a twist on Madame Paris Catering menus and harmonize perfectly with the unique aromas Southern Californians love so much.


"Our food may not be always French in a classical term but it's about cooking ingredients that are available and in season in Orange County.  This is more "French" then anything else"!

Véronique, Catering Chef

Meet The Team

Nicole Guzman

   Sous chef & Service Manager

                     WORK PATH

  • Cheese Affineur @ St.Marc Cheese Company

  • Cheese Affineur @ Dietz & Watson

  • Creme De La Creme Catering

  • OCC Culinary School

Christian Richard

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